Proper Plant and Tissue Sampling

  • Best results obtained in the spring.
  • Should be done post bloom to remediate any deficiencies post harvest.
  • Pull opposite fruit and an average of the plant not only sick or abnormal leaves.
  • Micro nutrients (Boron and Zinc) select 25-35 leaf blades.
  • Nitrogen and Nitrogen Movement 45-50 petioles.
  • Nitrogen and Nitrogen Movement 45-50 petioles.

Pod vs. Random

    • Many growers choose to test via the pod method. The principle is to collect a heterogeneous sampling which will be a representative of the field while knowing exactly where you choose from. For example pod 7 is equivalent to block 7 to 10 which are the first plants in that row.
    • This allows for closer analysis of cultural factors, weather influences, and eliminates intra-vineyard differences.