Denele Analytical is a USDA certified laboratory participating in the VASP program for California almonds.

In January 2007 The European Union (EU) mandated “Special Measures” be applied to all California almonds imported to EU member countries*.

This mandate requires 100% testing of every almond consignment imported from California. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Almond Board of California have established the Voluntary Aflatoxin Sampling Plan (VASP) to address this. Almonds shipped with a VASP certificate are subject to approximately 5% testing on import into Europe, whereas without a VASP certificate almonds will be subject to 100% testing.

The cost at port for a shipment that has not been VASP certified can be $2000 or more. According to the EU Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed notification, for weeks 37– 42 of 2009, six shipments from the US to EU countries were rejected at the border. You can’t afford to have your shipment tested at the port and rejected by the European Union (EU).
For a list of EU member countries visit the web site:

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There is a lot of flexibility in the way Aflatoxins are analyzed. Some labs do this testing using older technologies and methods that were established years ago. Thin Layer Chromatography, Iodine, Kobra cell, and Chemical Flurometric Derivatization are old techniques still used by some of the labs. At Denele we use “state of the art” HPLC systems and a Photochemical Reactor for Enhanced Detection (PHRED) to provide lower detection limits and consistent stable results from start to finish. Some labs cut costs by using inferior materials. At Denele we use the same clean-up and immunoaffinity columns as the USDA labs that administer the proficiency testing program. They are more expensive than other brands, but have a reputation of providing more accurate results. Be sure you use a lab that is at the forefront of technology for Aflatoxins testing.

You work hard to produce the best crop possible. Have your Aflatoxins testing performed at Denele Analytical where you can count on accurate, timely, certified results using State of the Art technology and equipment.